Coco Montoya, The Legendary Blues Guitarist & Singer Speaks with Rock Scarz Magazine’s Matthew J. P. Gacek!!!


This past weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing a blues great from Los Angeles here in Chicago, a city known for its rich blues history.  The man’s a Hendrix styled playing ax man—that for those who do not know—adds a bit of his own flavor to the Hendrix Legendary way of playing.  Many of you who are known to wield the instrument well are probably familiar with Mr. Montoya.

For those who are not and enjoy the blues, I’d highly recommend seeing him live or picking up a CD of his or even a download or two.  I was able to see him perform at the Montrose Room which only added to the concert going experience being that it’s the best place in the Midwest to catch a club show.

So, please enjoy this interview with a great slow handed musician courtesy of Rock Scarz Magazine… 


Scarred By:  Matthew J. P. Gacek

Of The Dead Interview

Rock Scarz Interviews ‘Orgy’ After Their Long Awaited Return!!! Plus MisMatch & Of The Dead Interviews as well!!! With more Interviews from Orgy’s Latest Chicago-Land Show to Come Next Week!!!

The Deadly Sounding and Looking ‘Of The Dead!’

Beware those who are taking ‘The Road To InkFest 2012’ for a dangerous band of brutal musicians will be on that road called ‘Of The Dead!’ 

This past weekend I was at ‘Anotherhole Inthewall’ near Chicago watching an Orgy headlined show and among the crowd I came across two members of the perverse group Of The Dead who are seeking a slot on Rock Scarz Magazine’s highly coveted stage at InkFest! 

I was left frightened that I may be sodomized that very night before, during and after this interview with Of The Dead!  Which you will see why after watching the following video recorded and introduced by Morgan Le Fay’s multitalented Jessica Gonzalez! 

The New & Improved Mismatch!!!

They Opened for Taproot!  This past weekend they opened for Nu Metal favorites Orgy!  Soon they’ll be a supporting act for the savage Kittie!  MisMatch is on their way up!!!

Recently joining Rodolfo Nava (drums) and the beautiful Janet Star (vocals) are Paul Mika (guitar) and Norbert Bujanowicz (who plays a mean bass!) improving the band’s sound vastly! 

I was able to catch up with MisMatch after their set at the recent Orgy show mentioned prior, and this is what was said after a brief but breathtaking introduction done by model Kat Kasket…

Rock Scarz Interviews ‘Orgy’ After Their Long Awaited Return!!!

During the days when Korn’s ‘Family Values Tours’ dominated the music industry, Orgy was among the gems of that generation of metal.  After a long hiatus, they have returned to touring once again!  Soon Orgy will be recording a new album to follow this tour.  I can tell you that “Nu Metal” was not really ever my thing.  But I have always loved their cover of New Order’s song ‘Blue Monday,’ which is probably Orgy’s biggest hit to date. 

I can tell you that Orgy’s set was well performed and their opening bands had been well selected (especially ‘One Eyed Doll’!!!). 

Orgy, although may come off to some as having a rather smug stage presence.  But off the stage I cannot tell you of a band more willing to integrate with their fans (and not just the nice looking women) as well as having what many big named acts lack:  SOCIAL SKILLS!!!  Orgy is as nice as they are darkly melodic and it was an absolute pleasure to have interviewed them in the below captured video introduced by the very fetching model Kat Kasket…

Scarred By:  Matthew J. P. Gacek

Chicago’s Upstart Band ‘Morgan Le Fay’ Interview!!!

Chicago’s Upstart Band ‘Morgan Le Fay’ Interview

 This past week I had the distinct pleasure to speak with a rather savage sounding band called Morgan Le Fay!   Fronted by guitarist Jessica Gonzalez this is a young band has exceeds having potential and now just plain ROCKS!  Now I may not be the 100% on all of my assumptions, but I do believe that you’ll be hearing more from these young yet heavy warriors of Metal!!!





Scarred By:  Matthew J. P. Gacek

Sins Of A Nation: MJPG Reviews Their Self-Titled Début

Along with Damnation, I have not been this excited about a new metal band as Sins of a Nation since System of a Down!

There are influences that can’t be denied, especially with the vocals of Dane McCartney who can probably make a fantastic career in opera.  Dane is probably The Greatest Metal Singer on this planet, he exceeds his heroes (and my heroes as well) such as Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate, Burton C. Bell (I may receive a bit of contention on that last one), Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, etc.  I really can’t get over Dane’s range on this album.

Also shred metal fans can take great delight in the mastery that Dave Dunsire. …He’s phenomenal!  …People say that the guitar hero area has been dead since the untimely death of Dime Bag Darrel.  To them I say cry out there is renewal in somebody to play like in Dave Dunsire.  …My word, this guy can play!

The whole band is awesome and knows there instruments better than I know my right hand. 

The most surprising aspect of Sins Of A Nation’s first album is how original an alloy of metal they have!  There not classic metal or new metal, they are their own (if that makes any sense).  I’m still putting my mind on what tracks that I like the most because I get lost in all of them and enjoy all of them.  I’d rather just do that for a while as a fan.   But if I must, as I’m typing this I am currently listening to the track ‘Lethal Injection’ which is amazing, ‘Never say Die,’ which is not a cover of the Sabbath classic.  They also have a track called ‘Tyrant’ which is also not a cover of the popular Judas Priest song.  The vocals and composition of ‘Daylight’ is hypnotic.  …I love this album!

Sins OF A Nation can play with any super group and hold their own with the overly-scrutinistic metal-fans, which I must admit I can be sometimes in the face of newer bands.  They are a band that I endorse entirely.  You can find the songs that I am praising at and judge for yourself.  Even in light of me setting the bar pretty high for Sins Of A Nation with this review I still think that you’ll be amazed.

If you don’t agree with me on my views of Sins of a Nation than your taste in Metal sucks!!!



Scarred By:  Matthew J. P. Gacek


Rock Scarz Interview with Veritae

Matt:  You guys strike me as more experimental than most with the way you wield your sound.  Would you call Veritae more of an ‘indie’ band or more metallic?  …It really is for the artist to define.  But even so, I really hate the term ‘indie music.’  …That label implies a sonic difference from the rest.  …But isn’t each band and every act (I do know some are more distinct than others in variation) different sounding anyway?  …What do you think of my rambling thus far?

Krystof: I myself don’t like to label the music I (we) play. But since you ask, I would answer {I (we) strive to write a form of Electronic influenced Dynamic Rock, but you have to listen and answer it to yourself.  What that means to you:  My perception it’s well?  …It’s just mine.}   I would like to think VERITAE is musically diverse but definitely a rock based band. 

Besides, I believe music is never truly finished and it evolves as one would hope to never stop learning and improving….  It is a living thing.  …What do you think of my rambling thus far?

Matt:  I like your rambling Krystof.


Matt:  You are obviously pretty smart guys.  I love your arrangements!  Will you please tell me how an intrepid worth-while-act such as yourselves can market and make a living off of your art in this industries current climate?

Krystof: Someone once said:  “Flattery will get you EVERYWERE -/…  Thanks a bunch!  …As to making a living off our efforts:  It isn’t what it used to be …That’s a fact!  

Today’s artist especially NEW ACT will have to face multilateral approach to business side.  …Making yourself visible and available to those avenues that have changed dramatically; but the idea is still the same.

With grass root support and people taking action to spread the word about the band, everything is possible with well developed social media exposures + shows + On-Line Magazines can lead to song placement in movies/commercials/TV shows/video games a publishing deal, endorsements, music can be sold by artist via many on-line portal’s, it is a virtual world these days with many opportunities.

So there are ways to gain monetary reward for ones efforts.  …Obviously music gear, transportation and studios don’t run on food stamps ;).  …Can’t ask Uncle Sam to help.


Matt:  What’s in your near future that we should take heed to?  Where is Veritae going to be playing soon and what internet avenues should we explore to keep you in our sites?  …Give us the lowdown of how to get more in-depth into your music.

Krystof:  As of the moment writing this interview we are getting ready to record two songs for our next single release, as well as working on a conceptual ideas for our next video to follow.  If any of you guys didn’t see it yet the “What Lies Beneath” video please check it out on YouTube it is out there to see ….We are also playing a show on Feb 3rd at Shark City as well as Feb 26th at Reggie’s.  …Yep, we are quite busy these days.


Matt:  Do you guys have any interesting stories regarding getting modern-day urban-markings?

Krystof : There are many over the few years, I’m not sure all appropriate for the purpose of this interview LOL!  I’ve got to protect all innocent parties involved.  I guess there’s one PG13 moment I can tell.  

Once we were setting up to play a venue and the sound guy pretty much didn’t like the fact we would play “Loud,” LOL!  …He hasn’t heard anything yet, but just judging based on our gear he assumed we are Black Metal band, I guess he had some bad “Bathroom” experience with that band (I’m not sure I want to know what happened) LOL!  …So he asked/told me “well you ain’t gonna play that loud crap ain’t ya?”  So I told him:  “Well I will tell you a secret but you can’t tell anyone about it.  …You see that amp out there?  …Well regular amp can go to 10, but mine is custom it cranks to 11 that’s the only way it will sound good.”  …A little ‘Spinal Tap’ moment I guess (A Must See Movie!!!)  …He got the joke, so we just laughed it out and all went good from that point on.  …Good guy after all, nothing that few shots of Jim Beam wouldn’t fix -/.


Matt:  Will you be attending Ink Fest this year here in Chicago?

Krystof: Well we would hope to play that festival, LOL!  …But if not I’m sure we will make appearance to enjoy a well put together fest, it’s always fun to hang out for sure.


Matt:  Do you care to add anything else to Veritae’s interview with Rock Scarz Magazine?

Krystof:  Again, we arehaving a show coming up on Feb. 26th at Reggie’s Rock Club, the Doors Open At 7:00PM!  We are playing with Skull King, Paragon, Veritae & Persistence of Memory!!!

I would also like to thank you and Rock Scarz Magazine alongside with your readers for spreading the word and giving VERITAE a moment of your time, it means a lot to us. Definitely we would like to extend the invitation to check-us-out on Facebook and YouTube to stay in touch with pics and show dates and any new updates!  …Keep on Rocking -/!!!



Scarred By:  Matthew J. P. Gacek

The Most Exquisite Blues Artist of All is Maria Blues!!!

Maria Luz Carballo, The Lady better Known as Maria Blues!


Rock Scarz Magazine is a media source that covers a variety of artistic outputs.  Primarily I interview acts such as Megadeth, Accept, or Damnation.  But as I believe I have stated in my weekly posts prior (for those of you who can recall) “Hardcore Music Fans” tend to have the most extensive taste of music above and beyond your average dance music monster enthusiast (not that we have any hate towards that style of song).


This week I have been truly Blessed to interview an extraordinary Blues/Jazz/Hip-Hop Artist by the name of Maria Blues (AKA: Maria Luz Carballo), who was so kind that she granted me the esteemed pleasure of an interview with her.  So without further ado, Rock Scarz Magazine proudly offers you an interview with this Sassy-Bell, Maria Blues!




 Scarred By:  Matthew J. P. Gacek

All Dressed-up and Nowhere to Go…

An Evening with Matthew J. P. Gacek of Rock Scarz Magazine

          Tonight my anonymous interviewee had mitigating circumstances that prevented said individual from engaging me in Rock & Roll chatter.

            Nevertheless, I’ve taken this prime chance to allow myself to let loose and consent to a bit of self-exposure as a Rock Scarz Magazine Writer/Journalist.  

            So lay back.  Make yourselves comfortable for a little one sided dialogue.  Because I may not be “the most interesting man in the world” (that title belongs to that alcoholic, old, Hispanic-guy from the Duseci’s commercials).  But still:  I’m probably much more interesting than anyone else as far as I will allow Myself to see it.

            This exploit should better allow for you all to pretend that you are Me with the insights you may gain from this short video on Yours Truly.



Post Script:  I lied, the Pepsi that I partook in DID have sugar in it, but it was/is the natural kind (which is so much sweeter). 


Scarred By:  Matthew J. P. Gacek

DamNation Interview # 2 with Matthew J. P. Gacek!!!

DamNation as I’ve proclaimed before should and could very well be the next really big band.  We here at Rock Scarz Magazine strongly endorse DamNation more so than any other group of the up-and-coming category.  …The reason being for our unwavering support is:  They simply deserve it!!!





Scarred by: Matthew J. P. Gacek

Rock Scarz Interview with Lariyah Daniels of Hessler!!!


                              Lariyah Daniels of Hessler

 In this modern age of metal the Siren of Hessler, Lariyah Daniels is outmatched by none; either ambitiously or physically.  She is clearly made-up of some superhuman stock being able to do all that is mentioned in our interview below together.  …Furthermore, astonishingly, she is not lacking in any quality concerning any of her numerous wildlife-activities that this resonance-woman has firmly established herself as being, doing, and ruling over!

The woman who is Lariyah Daniels is incredible as is her band Hessler who are playing shows with some legendary metal acts such as Steel Panther!

Hessler has a fun Motley Crue, Van Halen vibe to them and if that is your own favorite brand of metal:  Than settle down to a dish that is perfectly seasoned for your sonic consumption!  Rock Scarz Magazine will be happy to accept your offering of ‘thanks’ for our proposing Hessler as a recommendation to you; after you’ve calmed down enough about week or so later!!!

Do Enjoy!!!


Matt:   You are a very, very busy women!  How do you manage being a singer, Somareti personal trainer, bikini competitor, model, actress, and dancer?  Why so much all at once?  Aren’t you exhausted?   Explain what an ordinary day in Lariyah Daniels’ life is like.

Lariyah Daniels of Hessler:  (Smiling) It’s not all happening at the same time.  I act when I’m hired for commercials, I danced (back in the day) when I was hired for it as well, modeling pays my bills, and gives a lot of fun, and of course exposure.  Bikini competitions are my passion, it’s what gives me a motivation to stay in my ‘A’ shape, but there are two main fields on which I focus the most - Somareti Training, and at the first place - Hessler.  …The latter two I’m spending most of my time recently.  But, this upcoming year is the year of Hessler.

I wish I could tell you how my average day looks like, but unfortunately, it’s quite impossible because every-single-day is different.  Plus, I hate a routine so even if I was just a housewife, I’d still be coming up with some crazy ideas to do every day :) .

Matt:   Which job do you find the most exhilarating and why?

Lariyah Daniels of Hessler:  Oh!  Come on?!  Did you just really ask me that question?  I thought it was obvious (smiles).  …Of course my band comes first!  I can do million

things, but nothing can compare to the feeling when I perform on-stage.  It feels like that’s where I belong - that’s my ‘home’.  The band members are my ‘siblings’ and the crowd is my ‘family’.

Matt:   Can you tell for us about Hessler?  …How you got together?  …And what exiting things are happening with Hessler both now and in the future?

Lariyah Daniels of Hessler:  I joined the band last year in October, but Hessler has been around for about 3 years now.  From the original members there is only Igz Kincaid and Frankie Snakes left.  Frankie had to leave for a little bit over than a year, but he is back for good now. I’ve seen Hessler playing at the Double Door in summer of 2010.  After the show I came to Igz to congratulate him on the great performance, and that’s when he said he wants me to “sing” for him.  Of course I thought he was just being nice and flirty, so I didn’t even think about that as a serious case, but then we started messaging back and forth, and well…  I happened to go and rehearse for Hessler, and I’m proudly with them still today ;) !!!

There are tons of things that are waiting for us in 2012.  So just have your eyes peeled. I can reveal that we are working on some new tunes and will start recording perhaps somewhere in the spring.  We want to make sure that this album is our masterpiece. No reason to release an album with 11-12 tracks being rushed and just being ‘okay’ - that’s not the point.  Besides that, there will be of course more videos coming up.  We just released ‘Kamikazi’ (produced by Craig Bass, Leslie Cunningham, Brian Ernst, and Geoffrey Smeltzer - tremendous job, guys we can’t thank you enough!), and soon there will be more coming.  We are also working on our tour dates and locations.

I am really looking forward to this year!

Matt:   Although after listening to Hessler, I get an impression of an early 80’s L.A. Metal Band with some Shred Metal thrown in.  What kind of sound do you feel best describes the band?  Also, who are your primary influences as a band?

Lariyah Daniels of Hessler:  Well, we call it the ‘train-wreck-rock’ sound. (LOL!) 

I hate labeling, putting into a certain category, stating who do we sound like, and on and on.  Yes, we do love Heavy Metal, and rock is a god in our lives.  But honestly, even I have a hard time ‘comparing’ Hessler to anyone. 

See, that’s the difference between us and most of the new-rock/metal bands that are currently ‘on top’ of charts.  Even listening to them one after another I had a feeling that it’s the same band playing different songs.  …Not much creativity, lack of guitar solos, just plain open chords or some shredding with the simplest and most expected chord progression…  C’mon!!!

Hessler brings something else, something deeper than just screams and badass guitar solos.  It has a soul.  And yes, I’ll give you that 80’s were the years of passion to rock.  We are being compared to many of 80’s bands, even to those from earlier years.  They say that our guitars sound Maiden-like (Matt:  Yeah!!!), and there is a mix of Lita Ford, Pat Benatar and Doro Pesch in my vocals, or some even said that it’s more like Gwen Stephani and Sandra Nasic mixture, but seriously:  As much as I value others’ opinion, either it’s positive or negative - that is us and if you don’t like it- you may kindly go f*ck off.  …If you do like it, then you will be surprised with what’s coming up and what we have to offer you all!!!

What our fans mean to me?  …To US?  …Duh!   More than anything and we

want to make sure that they leave our concerts with their jaws dropped and hearts still racing.

Matt:   How much can you bench-press?  What’s the most you’ve ever maxxed-out at?  Are you content with your current build?  …Because I really can’t imagine you getting much more fit?  …Can you tear a phonebook in half?

Lariyah Daniels of Hessler:  I don’t really lift much.  That’s not the best way of staying in shape AND have a good neuro-muscular efficiency.  It’s just growing your muscles, inflaming them, and that is definitely not Lariyah.  I love Somareti because the training is a combo of cardio, lifting and the most important - the real martial arts training, not just kicking, punching and jumping without any particular way.  You can shape your body in many ways, but do it smart - and that’s what we provide at our school.  Plus 70% of your body is shaped in the kitchen, while 30% is at the gym.  So it’s all about the commitment and your smart choices, but that question is way too complex to talk about it now :).

Yes, I am content with my current build; I’m full of energy and ready to kick some a$$ (laughs)!  To summarize the last two questions - I can bench-press the weight of the doubts, fears, hatred, and lies of the world, (trust me - that’s more than you can imagine) but guess what - after that I take a shower and do, what I do best ;).

Matt:   What acting roles have you had in the past and are there any in the future that Rock Scarz Magazine’s readers should be attuned to?

Lariyah Daniels of Hessler:  I’m a commercial actress.  I was featured in Chevy commercial that was played during Super Bowl, MTV Music Awards, Bears games, and more, I did commercials for Doritos, Hornitos, Pepsi and some other ones.  I also played a role of Lilith in the movie ‘The Oracle’ that will be probably done by the end of 2012; there is still some scenes to add.  This is a newer thing to me, but I’ll definitely spend some time on going to the casting calls in 2012.  …Been slacking a little lately :).

Matt:   What is the best compliment that you’ve ever received?

Lariyah Daniels of Hessler:  “You must wear contact lenses!?”  … :-) Nuff said.

Matt:   What else would you like to add to this interview in closing?

Lariyah Daniels of Hessler:  I want to sincerely thank to all of our fans for their amazing support in 2011!!!

You guys make the machine run (Hessler bows down to you).  I also wanted to thank my band-mates; I don’t think that I have ever said how much they mean to me.  To Igz Kincaid, Frankie Snakes, Marcus Lee Cox and Erik Michael – my partners in crime thank YOU ALL!!!  Of course big thanks go to my family that I can count on any time - love you so much!  Also, thank you to our dear photographers - Eddie Pedroza, Tammy Guillen, Mona Marie  …And everyone who believes in us and provide us with some really incredible photographs that we can publish on our website:

Thank you Rock Scarz Magazine for featuring me, I am very flattered!


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Band -

Scarred By:  Matthew J. P. Gacek